Krisztian Homola Kovacks

Field Staff British Virgin Islands

Krisz was born just outside of Budapest, Hungary. Even though it is a landlocked country, his parents introduced him to sailing at a young age. Once he participated in a sailing camp on the coast of Croatia, Krisz knew that he wanted to pursue sailing as a professional career. Krisz obtained his first skipper license upon turning 18 and started running charters all over the Mediterranean. After a few years of sailing with family and friends, Krisz moved to the UK and continued building his resume as a professional captain. Upon receiving his Yachtmaster Offshore license, he looked for more opportunities abroad. Krisz is coming back for his second summer at GoBeyond and third year with GXG. While he is no stranger to the British Virgin Islands and teaching sailing, Krisz is excited to share his passion for sailing and the oceans with everyone that joins GoBeyond this year.

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