Location: India

Hi, Y’all.  I’ma b ritin bout da day. In da beginning, we wuz hangin wit our partnazz fram lha.  I wuz playin pictonarie wit mi patna and Ambaaz partna.  Mi partna waz drawin me ridin a llama.  Afta da mornin dun we be eatin at Comun grond.  Den we wuz goin to tcv.  Dakpa wuz drawin gunz.  Frut wuz in da infinit skie.  Wen we wuz walkin we wuz nsurkled wit gurls wit fak babys.  Den we wuz goin to hurr peoplzz talk bout Tuhbit and friein it.  We wuz cumin bak an we eatin dindin.  Den we wuz talkin bout feminism.  It be a funn dai tuhdai.  Ica luvs u.  <3 <3 <3

Hey everyone! I am going to be writing about the day that we had. In the morning we were hanging out with our mutual learning partners from Lha organization. I played Pictionary with my partner, Amber, and her partner. My partner ended up drawing a picture of me riding a llama! After that, we had lunch at the Common Ground Cafe. We then went to TCV. Dakpa, one of Henry, Niki, and Emily’s students, drew pictures of guns. One of my students had to write a sentence using the word “fruit,” and wrote, “fruit was in the infinite sky.” It was a fun afternoon. We then walked to Students for Free Tibet, an international organization that has its headquarters in New York, and an office here in Dharamsala. We learned about the work that they do to create different chapters of their organization around the world. We also bought a bunch of cool t-shirts from the organization. We had dinner down at the monastery, a delicious meal of cumin rice, stir-fried veggies, spinach pasta, and clear soup. For the forum tonight, for which I chose the topic, we talked about feminism in schools and the world in general. Today was a fun day, and I look forward to working with our learning partners and TCV kids again tomorrow. 🙂

Ica (Monica) & Sophie