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Welcome to the GoBeyond Iceland trip logs! Below is a little bit about the staff that will be leading this summer’s program in Iceland. Enjoy!

KEELEY RIDEOUT – Born in rural Washington, Keeley grew up raising llamas and exploring the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite things to do include skiing, backpacking, sailing, diving, writing, sampling exotic fruits, and traveling the world. She is passionate about creating meaningful relationships, sharing quality jokes, and spending time outside. She studied Geography at the University of Colorado Boulder and cameos as a research scientist in the fields of hydrology, cartography, and marine science. Her fascination with culture and language has driven her to live/work abroad in places like Switzerland, Bhutan, and Bermuda.

PATRICK MURPHY – Patrick was born in Alexandria, Virginia, growing up just outside of the Nation’s Capital. He earned dual degrees in Geospatial and Environmental Analysis, as well as Spanish from Virginia Tech. After studying abroad in Ecuador, he has made it his goal to get out and see as much of the world as possible, spending time exploring the American West, Ecuador, and Iceland. While living and working in Utah as a Ski Patroller, Patrick enjoys skiing, mountain biking, cooking out with friends, and doing the crossword puzzle with a cup of coffee. Working in the past as a swim coach and leading volunteer trail work programs, he has developed a passion for engaging people and making strong personal connections. Patrick sees working outdoors as a way to make a meaningful and direct impact with the world we live in.