Location: Rio Claro

The day started, as usual, we ate breakfast at the hotel, in Golfito. Then we gathered our things and got ready to spend the day doing Costa Rica charity work at Fatima‚Äôs Humanitarian Foundation in Rio Claro. As soon as we arrived there, we started working because there were several tasks that we had to complete before it started raining. The group divided into three teams; the first team had to finish painting the wall in a man’s house, the second group had to repaint an outdoors brick wall, that the rain had washed off, and the third wall had to paint some rubber wheels and a mural in the wall of the local park of the village.

About two to three hours of hard work it started raining, and we all gathered together to Fatima’s place where she had prepared lunch for us. The previous day she had told us that she hoped that we eat a lot while being there because she cooked with lots of love for us, and indeed we ate a lot because the food was delicious. After lunch, we relaxed a little while and then welcomed the young children. With them we played, drew, and tried to communicate with them, using our beginner level Spanish, while waiting for the rain to stop.

Once it stopped raining, we all went outside to continue our games at the park. There we played either tag games or soccer, and everyone participated. As time passed by more kids gathered and it was a lot of fun because everyone got the chance to play and no one was left out. We were all smiling and laughing together; there was a very positive vibe. Unfortunately, the time came where we had to back to the foundation. There the young kids had a small snack that Fatima gave them, hugged us saying goodbye and went back to their homes.

A little later after also having our snack, we also gathered our things, we thanked Fatima for all of her effort for making us feel welcomed and like at home, we exchanged phone numbers, said goodbye and went back to the hotel. Fatima also gave me her secret recipe to make tortillas, for my family, because I told her I liked the way she made them, they were delicious. Now she is waiting for a call to let her know how they turned out.

At the hotel we about two hours of free time to get ready and at about 6:30 p.m we went out to eat dinner.

It was a wonderful day on our Costa Rica volunteer vacation.

Alexandre, Manouil, Mama mou lipete para poli kai den boro na perimeno alo na giriso spiti.