Location: Sydney

Day five of our international travel program. We woke up early and had breakfast so we could get on to the tour bus on time, as we had a full day of hiking Australia’s Blue Mountains ahead of us. Our first of many fabulous destinations was our stop to get coffee at a friendly local coffee shop. After we were caffeinated up, we headed to our second location to a surreal natural rock formation called the Three Sisters. We hit the road for another hour to a bittersweet hike. It was sweet because it was rather beautiful, with a view of an amazing waterfall at the bottom, but it was bitter because it was quite strenuously steep on the way back. Following the hike was a delicious BBQ of snags (sausages) and kangaroo. After, we journeyed on to everyone’s favorite location in another section of the national park, where we saw wild kangaroos and learned how to throw boomerangs and throw a rugby ball. After all these new and wild activities we were ready to head back to the hostel. For dinner, we had chicken nuggets and Cesar salad, the perfect way to finish off the day.