Location: Dharamsala

Today me, Julia and Fiona were lucky enough to take a taxi up from the monastery to the town, and the rest of the group had to walk up the 291 stairs. We enjoyed a great breakfast at Common Ground, and from there we met up with our learning partners. Me and my learning partner, Chungki, did a little shopping before we went to the Dalai Lama’s temple, where we went over some vocabulary and talked a little. After working with my learning partner, I headed back to Common Ground to have lunch. 

  After lunch, me, Julia and Allie headed to Rogpa to spend part of our afternoon taking care of the babies. After, we headed back to Common Ground to meet the rest of our group to have dinner. During dinner we had a special guest come and talk to us, who is a member of the Tibetan Parliament in exile. She talked about the Free Tibet movement and how the most important thing is to keep the Tibetan people united. She was so inspiring; she even told us ways in which we could get involved at home. Thankfully, some of us got to take a taxi back down to the monastery, which was much appreciated after such a long day! It’s crazy to think that we only have a few more days left here in Dharamsala, but we’re all so excited to make the most of them!