Location: Rio Pacuarie and Veragua

The day began bright and early with a 5 am wake up call. After sleeping on the bus, we found that our next adventure was well worth waking up before dawn. A guide entered our bus to explain all about white water rafting – both the joys and the dangers. Very excited, everyone jumped off the bus and traveled down to the river. Even though many of us were nervous – many of us being first timers- we were all anxious to begin. Each boat each had their own stories, with some people falling off but coming out completely fine with a good story to tell, some going through class three rapids backward, some being pulled out of the raft by their funny guides, some swimming in a canyon surrounded by untouched rainforest, and everyone awed by the beauty of their surroundings on the fifth best white water rafting river in the world. After the rafting, we drove to Veragua, home of many thousands of insects and animals, where many people discovered a new interest in bugs. Whether scared of the creatures around them or fascinated by the new species, everyone is ready to have a good time.