Location: Beijing

This morning was another great start of the day at Dewdrops Little Flower, spending some quality time with the kids. I played with the toddlers, and there was this one toddler that I have formed a bond with throughout my time here. Quan loves to have me near him or just to be held and to snuggle with him. The others have also grown a bond with the toddlers and the babies. After some time playing with the babies, we had a quick lunch before heading to Roundabout. Upon arrival in Roundabout, they had us set up three shelves for storage purposes. It involved a lot of “heavy lifting” and screwdrivers, but we got it done. After working in Roundabout for over two hours, we made our way to the Roundabout store to support their business and buy some of their used goods. There was quite the variety of goods being sold, from a giant stuffed Stitch animal to couches to candies to high heels (WHICH MAKE ME FEEL TALL, LIKE DUH). We later tried for the first time Beijing Peking Duck, as well as other meals available. It was my second time trying Beijing Peking Duck, but I was not too interested in the duck as I was in the other dishes.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Being God Is My Part Time Job” – Hannah (Mafia)