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Location: New Delhi to Agra

We woke up at four in the mornin’And all o us were leanin’ and noddin’Off. But still though this pain,We went and boarded that train.And it’s a shame,Even though we weren’t to blameThat we didn’t get any more sleepAnd we really wanted to say *bleep*But we finally got thereGetting out of the space we had to shareWe exited the stationAnd we were surrounded by those of no relationWe were off to see the Taj MahalEven greater than ma hall.It was great and white,Showing off old king’s might.20,000 workers strong,Taking 22 years longConcluding our walk aroundLooking through all we found,We went to eatAt a place none could beatThen on the car ride back,We replenished the energy we all lack.Returning, we felt bested,So we went and restedThen we went and ate dinner,Which didn’t make us feel any thinner,Then comes a point of inception,For here comes the part of this song’s conception.Now inside our rooms,The end of the trip looms.