Location: Galapagos to Andes

When I volunteered to write the blog for a travel day, I thought I would just end up writing about getting on and off planes and buses. I was wrong. The day started nicely with a later breakfast, so we got to sleep in. Jill’s accident count increased by one (before 9:00 am) when she broke a glass, but luckily nobody was hurt. After breakfast, we packed our lunches. Instead of the normal peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we got to make veggie burritos with tons of guacamole! A lot of us struggled to wrap them, myself included, but in the end, they still tasted great! We got on a bus with bulging bags and headed to the airport. To get there, we had to take a 5-minute ferry. Our bags were on top of the boat, and I was nervous that they would fall, but we made the trip with no problems. The day was beautiful, and we were all sad to leave such a beautiful place. The water was so blue, and the breeze felt great. Unfortunately, the peacefulness was soon shattered. Alex from Greece got stung by a wasp (yet again), so he decided to wash off the sting in salt water. He walked down a sloped path and started to slide. Everyone started staring as he slowly slid closer and closer to the water. He managed to somehow hurl his backpack away to save it, but he splashed in with his Ray Bans and iPod. Somehow he was in good spirits and didn’t freak out. Luckily he still had his bag, so he was able to change into dry clothes. After that fiasco, we hopped on a four-hour plane ride. Some people slept, and others listened to music. We embarked on our four-hour bus ride singing and munching on pizza. By the end, we were all shivering and exhausted, and it felt great to finally walk into a warm lodge. We arrived around 11:00 pm and were ready for our much-needed sleep. It was an exhausting day, but we are all glad to have finally made it to the Andes.