Location: Sawmill Bay, Whitsunday Island

We woke up at around 6:30 to some Disney songs, and after everyone was moving, we ate a breakfast consisting of assorted cereal and some fresh fruit. Then, we went for a short hike to see cave paintings from the native Australians of the region. After the hike, the boat’s crew asked us for some help hoisting both the jib and the main sail. Conditions were thankfully even better than yesterday, and after about an hour and multiple tacks (turning the boat through the wind to change direction), we arrived in Sawmill Bay. Lunch today was ham and cheese wraps with a myriad of toppings to complement them. After lunch, we were dinghied over to Sawmill Beach, where we hiked to Dugong Beach (unfortunately, no dugongs in sight). No swimming was allowed in the bay due to bull shark sightings, so instead, we explored the beach and shallow tidal area. On the way, we saw a very large golden orb weaver spider. At the beach, we found many critters, from crabs to eels to sea slugs. After a brief lesson on the different animals that live in tide pools, we headed back to the boat. There, we saw a beautiful sunset before eating a delicious dinner.