Location: Quito, Ecuador

I took a short but tiring walk to the top of the hill. The counselors were already there wrapped in blankets. A slow but steady stream of Lifeworkers arrived. At 6:08 the sun rose from across the valley beginning our last morning at the Black Sheep Inn. We loaded the bus and putted along the road towards Quito till we stopped at a restaurant themed around cows. After stuffing ourselves with delicious cheeseburgers and shakes, we waddled back onto the bus and finished our journey to the hotel in Quito. At the hotel, we got our phones back until dinner. After dinner, we began the closing portion of the program. Lifeworkers were given 23 flashcards and told to write a note to every student and counselor. I doubt that anyone will sleep tonight since tomorrows wake up is at 2:30 AM, and it’s our last night together.