Location: Townsville

Today we awoke to a late breakfast that consisted of pancakes and bacon. Everyone was awake and eager to get on the bus to get to our destination. This was the place I have wanted to visit my whole life: The Billabong Sanctuary. Once there, we gathered under the shady trees where we met with our tour guide. We first strolled to a private area where our tour guide, Sara pulled a wallaby out of its enclosure and sat him on her lap. We also got to have him sit on our laps to take a picture. I imagined a wallaby to be soft, but the coarse hair I felt under my fingers proved me wrong. Next, we got to meet koalas and kangaroos. Both of these animals are my favorite, so it was very surreal, seeing them in their native homes. Most people’s biggest fears include snakes or crocodiles, but we really got to live as true Aussies when we handled them! We finished our sanctuary tour watching their handlers feed crocodiles. I was sad to leave the animals, but I am happy that l have pictures of them that will last a lifetime.

Next, we went to Castle Hill Lookout. After a short walk up, we could see the whole city below us with the sun glistening down upon it. We then went on top of a roof to see the view from a different perspective. While the country is beautiful, the people surrounding me are even more special; they never fail to make my day. Today was definitely my favorite: animals in Australia are truly amazing, and today was a day I will treasure for the rest of my life.