Location: Quito to Galapagos

The unanimous expectation for today was 8 hours of travel, which, in and of itself, is a very sad expectation. However, it turned out to not be that terrible of a day. For four hours of flight, I was able to pull some strings and sit with two of my closest friends: my cousin and some crazy kid from Greece. From the plane, we got lunch and then walked towards where we would be picked up by what we were told was a ferry. The ferry turned out to be a very tightly packed two-tier speed boat that was equivalent to being in the splash zone at Shamu’s Water Show for 2 hours straight. Camrin, Nicolette, Tadhg and I spent the ride on the second floor being periodically drenched by tsunami-type waves and the tears drawn from the laughter of the family manning the boat. Tadhg was a very enjoyable part of the ride. He was hit first and with the most force from every wave that came our way, and it was hilarious every time. We then ended the day getting comfortable in our new beds at Hotel Castro, which, contradicting its name, is very comfortable.

  This is aross98 signing out.    PS. Hi mom! Hi dad!