Location: Beijing

Today was a whirlwind of excitement in Beijing! Our jet-lagged travelers have finally arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited to get started on our journey (Side note: while these trip log entries will typically be written by the students, but Keeley and I decided to give them a pass on tonight’s entry in consideration of their exhaustion). Everyone has arrived safely to the program and seems eager to soak in all of the incredible experiences that lie ahead.

Our first meal together was an incredible spread of traditional Chinese dishes, with crispy Peking Duck as the main entree; the family style feast was a great way to kick off our time together. There’s something uniquely special, albeit intangible, about sharing a table with unfamiliar faces in a foreign land; at first, the experience can be intimidating, but commonalities quickly emerge in conversation, and lifelong memories are made.

But without further ado, it’s time for some much-needed rest – tomorrow promises to be a big day! I won’t spoil the surprise of our travel plans (even though you really could just read the prior entry if the anticipation is too much to handle), so check back tomorrow for an exciting update.

In the meantime, be nice to each other and eat your vegetables. – Shaun & Keeley