Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

As skipper, I awoke to the sharp alarm of a wristwatch. I proceeded to wake my shipmates at the early hour of 6:45 AM. Each person wakes in their way; some are more interesting than others. A few of my shipmates do not awake until tasting bitter coffee at the stern of the boat. Others refuse to wake up until jumping onto Stitch, our beloved dinghy. Our waking hours consisted of making instant oatmeal at the stern, while others fought over frosted flakes. After several trips on Stitch and Shadow, we, the shipmates of Catalinaville and Firebolt, took a thrilling ride on a local, open-back taxi to the Copper Mines. At first glance, it seemed like a broken castle missing its princess, but then we read the signs (I know it’s surprising). We climbed, what felt like three miles, but were three feet on boulders. When climbing those rocks, we were all master rock-climbers to the extreme! After hopping down from the rocks, we took a “fun” and sweaty hike up the road to an off-road trail to the beach. At the beach, all shipmates picked up trash and learned the type of plastics from Beezy. My all-time favorite part was finding a goat’s skull- it sounds disgusting now that I’m writing it down, but it was and will always be cool. After leaving the beach, a few shipmates thought they saw Morgan Freeman’s house. Short sideline- they didn’t. The taxi with an open back took us all back to the dock. When arriving on the dock, our boats were already docked (that’s a whole lot of dock). Free time consisted of us eating at a restaurant down the street, buying the entire ice cream store and shopping at local stores. Catalinaville and Firebolt soon anchored out with every shipmate and prepared for the Baths, a beautiful and only slightly dangerous beach with boulders. The first group followed Jordan up the boulders and jumped off into the water. Each person felt the shrill of the impact of the water and swam to shore. Again, we decided to take a trail to another beach. This beach consisted of more shipmates than boulders. We swam for a while and then struggled to get back on the dinghies to go back to each boat. Both yachts sailed for a little until reaching Savanna Bay to anchor. Currently, I am watching the shipmates of Catalinavile and Firebolt have a mini barbecue while I am writing this blog. I can’t for the next adventure and the veggie burgers that I smell right now.