Location: Sacred Valley

We started the day waking up early; eating an amazing breakfast, that going to a beautiful lake where we paddle boarded and kayaked. The view was incredible, and we were treated with fresh fruits and chips. I tried a couple of fruits for the first time, including a super fruit and one we had to hit to open, a Grenada. I learned from Natalie that the Grenada was a member of the pomegranate family. After changing into wetsuits, we went into the water. Although the water was really cold, it was extremely fun. We paddled out into the middle of the lake, enjoyed the view, and some did paddleboard yoga. I had the opportunity to go on a six-person paddleboard, which I had never seen before. Others went individual paddle boarding, and two people were kayaking. Afterward, we were treated to a delicious lunch looking out at the lake. We had many varieties of potatoes and native Peruvian food. The fresh lunch combined with the view was an extremely zen time to reflect and relax. Then, we got back onto the bus and went to Chinchero, a textile market. We watched them clean and color the fur. They used a wide variety of natural resources such as beetles and flowers. Then, we had the opportunity to shop around the market. I bought a beautiful, hand-crafted sweater. Others bought everything from blankets to bracelets. After another bus ride, we went to Maras, a salt mine. It was very cold, but the view was worth it. There were hundreds of salt pools, and we were looking out onto the Andes Mountains. We also got to taste fresh salt. Afterward, we went to a restaurant where there was a little bit for everyone. I got a cheeseburger and fries, while others had a wide variety of food.