Location: Beijing

Well, this is it – all of our little birdies have flown the nest, and everyone is headed home. Keeley and I are sitting here flicking through pictures of the trip reminiscing about the incredible moments we shared over the past 21 days. From that first dinner in Beijing when we picked you all up at the airport, to last night’s Hot Pot experience, this trip has been nothing short of amazing. It’s so incredibly hard to put into words how important this trip has been for all of us, but reflecting on our time together in the coming weeks while sharing photos with friends and family will certainly go a long way to helping us digest and unpack our experiences.

Every single one of you made this trip as meaningful as it was, and we’ve said it multiple times, but we would re-do this trip with all of you in a heartbeat. Together we shared moments of joy and pain, struggle and triumph, and through it all, we came out stronger at the end as a result of learning to lean on each other. The experiences we shared will forever be woven into the fabric of our lives; experiences we could never replicate but are immensely grateful to have shared.

So, in closing, we both want to say what a wild, busy, joyful, impactful and rich whirlwind of a trip this has been. Undoubtedly, we are both better people for having met all of you. We were continually impressed by your tenacious, adventurous and optimistic attitudes; keep being the incredible people you already are, and we have no doubt you will do great things in your life.

Until we meet again,

Shaun & Keeley