Location: Sydney, Australia

If you asked me, our time in Australia flew by faster than expected. Today was our last day before we’d have to hop on planes and go our separate ways. We started our day with an 8:30 a.m. wake-up and packed all our things to head out of Cairns. Some of us took a trip to a Coles, a nearby grocery store, to stock up on snacks for the plane ride and to bring some snacks back home. To fuel us for our full day, we had a delicious brunch at Muddy’s cafe near the Esplanade, and directly after, some of us took a spin on the hamster wheel at the playground nearby. Thankfully, despite the dizziness, all the food stayed digested. Then, we headed over to the aquarium, where we were able to see coral, snakes, sharks, rays, reptiles, and fish, and of course, we visited the gift shop at the end. Around 1 p.m., we took the bus back to our hostel, where we collected our bags and took taxis to the airport. After waiting in a very long line, we successfully checked our bags, smoothly made it through security, and arrived at our gate for our flight back to Sydney. We landed around 8 p.m., got our bags from baggage claim, and drove to our hotel. After having a yummy dinner at the restaurant, we did one final round of a squeeze, said goodbye to those going on early flights, and headed to our rooms for bedtime.