Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we woke up to a calm morning, and some of us headed to the bow to sit and think or read. Some very dedicated people started breakfast extra early, so we could all experience the blessed taste that is delicious pancakes. After breakfast, we got a special surprise! Em had called Aragorn’s Studio to ask if they were open because they were closed the day before, and they opened the store specifically for us! We arrived late due to some malfunctioning engines, and we all rushed to buy a bunch of amazing wood-pressed shirts and necklaces. Back on the boat, we sailed our way to Cane Garden Bay without engines to meet a mechanic. While there, we took a quick trip on land for some cold drinks and snacks, and then we went to go snorkeling! The director of Global Expeditions Group, Mike, lent us his super dinghy, Great White, to speed to another beach. Let’s just say that it was a slight step up from our good old dinghy, Shadow. We flew over the waves and right over to a beautiful, secluded beach. While snorkeling, some of us swam over to where many birds were picking fish out of the water, and then we swam away screaming when we saw some big fish coming towards them. We saw giant schools of little fish and even stingrays! When we came back, dinner was started immediately, and we all took showers. Dinner was some great chili and cornbread, and clean-up consisted of another dance party! Everyone relaxed for a bit, and then we had a double squeeze because we skipped it yesterday. Another surprise…marbled brownie and yellow cake! We had a movie night and watched Finding Nemo, plus we enjoyed more baked goods. All in all, a very fun-packed and yummy day!