Location: Anegada

After groggily checking my watch at 6:45 am and looking around to see everyone peacefully sleeping in their hammocks, I happily went back to sleep, overjoyed at the idea of sleeping in. The song that plays above my head every morning began to play around 8 am. A week ago, I wouldn’t have believed that 8 am could count as sleeping in, but now my body naturally wakes up before then. I didn’t think that that could be possible since at home I wake up at 12 every day, but I’m glad it is. After everyone sleeping outside disassembled their hammocks, we walked into the salon to find Sam and Emilio making French toast, which smelled delicious. After about 20 minutes of sunbathing on the trampoline, we sat outside in the cockpit for a nice breakfast. Most of us had two pieces of French toast, and after cleaning up and getting ready for the day, we were given our phones, which was very exciting. Today we had shore time, which means free time away from the boat where we can have our phones, and so, Kat, Nitty, Peyton and I decided to go to the grocery store to stalk up on food for the rest of the trip. Then we went and got chocolate milkshakes at the same restaurant that we ate at last night as well as French fries that we sadly couldn’t eat because we didn’t have time. After sadly returning our phones and waiting out a five-minute storm, I got to drive the boat with Charlotte, which was really fun but very wavy and stressful. Halfway through the sail though, the dinghy that Elliot is almost always on, Bolt, untied from the boat, and so it was very chaotic having to sail back to the dinghy lost at sea. After the sail, our boat and the two other boats split up into three groups to do a 5-mile hike/scavenger hunt on a beach, looking for certain objects of trash. Tired but content, we taxied back to our boats to saltwater shower in the freezing cold water around 7:30 and ate a Mexican night dinner.