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Location: La Carpio, Santa Ana

Today we started our day in the city of La Carpio ready for a day of hard work. To our surprise it was a festive and special day in the city because they had planned an arts festival. It is interesting to know that a group of Lifeworks students four years ago came up with the idea of an art festival and that know the community is planning it themselves. We split into groups to create informative posters that showed the importance of arts, health and nature. We marched down the street handing out toothbrushes and other things while being entertained by smiling faces, celebratory dance and music. We then split up into two groups. One group worked on the construction of a home and the other continued the spirit of the art festival with face painting and crafts. Time flew and before we knew it the time for lunch had arrived. We cleaned up after and then got on the bus for the glorious moment of getting to use our phones. Some were more excited than others but we got to use our phones for a few hours. We then returned home to the Costa Rican families that have gladly opened their doors for us.