Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

The morning started quite quickly as we immediately headed out to do some more seagrass monitoring with some Jost Van Dyke students right after breakfast. The kids were incredible to work with, especially when they were smarter than us – it made our jobs easier. Following the monitoring of 150 meters of seagrass, Shaun presented us with a bucket of goodies he found on the ocean floor – the most interesting organism he showed was an Arrow Crab which looked just like a huge, creepy spider. After lunch, we went for another Manta tow turtling run – Hayley’s group saw two turtles but were unsuccessful in catching them for more data collection. We then sailed over to the Bay where we did our second seagrass monitoring yesterday for the third BBQ of the session. It was awesome. My shipmates and I can’t believe that there are only four full days left, this whole experience has been awesome.