Location: Beijing

Our second full day in China was a success!!!!

First, we all got up around 8 AM, and soon after we were treated to, a gourmet breakfast prepared by Mollie and Rachel. The scrambled eggs with the addition of onions and cheese seemed to be a crowd pleaser. I don’t think that anyone could contain themselves due to the anticipation of a spending a long time with the adorable babies (hint the title). After a fifteen-minute bus ride, we were finally there again. After a quick hand wash, we were back into things. Finally, Rachel got the chance to hold the one pre-mature baby for a few hours. Most of us stayed in the larger area for the toddlers. There we got to play with a chubby baby, drama queen, koala baby, and more that we don’t have any nicknames for yet. Everyone is getting more and more comfortable, and favorites of the babies and students are starting to become apparent — specifically drama queen and Mollie :). The 2 and a half hours we stayed was longer than the time we got yesterday but was still too short.

After the hard goodbye, we went back to the apartment for another wonderful lunch of spaghetti and garlic bread prepared by our chefs. Right after lunch, we headed out to the group home for the first time. The walk there was surprisingly quick, and we were there in about ten minutes, most of the way being taken up by guiding one “blind” Rachel. The group home we visited is where around ten orphaned children primarily with physical disabilities go to get an education and live in a single home environment. There, we immediately want to a nearby park, right after a brief introduction. At the park, we skipped rope, played cards, kicked/threw/bounced a volleyball, threw Frisbees, got our hair done by the some of the little girls there, inflated balloons + attempted to make balloon animals, and just danced around.

Once we got back to the apartment, we had a little bit of time before dinner was ready, so we were able to look at the pictures we took today (you do have a picture of this provided, although Chris decided to walk away as soon as Colleen took her camera out). Soon enough our Chinese food dinner was ready, and we ate as Brent (previously mentioned as Catherine’s dad) talked to us about the impending bus trip we will be taking tomorrow. Then a night trip to Wu mart to get snacks and other yummy things, like the amazing tasty fruit circle thingies that Maddie bought. Another long day has come and gone, and we are really tired again tonight, but in a really good way because we’ve been playing with cute kids all day 🙂



P.S. Chris wants me to mention a) how cool he is, and b) his never-ending love for chubby babies.