Location: Beijing

Day 2! Our second day in China began with our first official day at the children’s hospital. I can’t even begin to describe how heartbreaking, yet joyfully inspiring, every one of the kids was. Whether we were rocking the premies and newborns or playing with the toddlers, we could feel the impact of something so simple like a smile. Because the children were so young and didn’t speak much English, most of the connection was based on physical touch, random games, songs, or stories. I became very attached to a special little boy named Shua Shua. Even though we only spent 4 hours at the hospital today, it already feels like the kids are family. Speaking of family, that’s how close I already feel with all the girls (and Zack) who are so friendly and came from all over the world. After the powerful, yet draining¬†session with the kids, we grabbed some lunch, explored a supermarket, and then headed over to a park where we met our Wu Shu trainer. We got some good exercise in and learned the traditional martial arts movements along with some Kung Fu. After the martial arts training, we headed over to a local child care center that focuses on providing interaction and education to children from migrant families. The students taught us some Chinese, and we played baseball outside. Finally, we finished the day with an intimate dinner and the first half of “The Last Emperor.” It’s only day 2, and I already feel as though my life has changed, I can’t wait to see what comes next!!¬†