Location: Beijing

Today we woke up and had an AMAZING breakfast prepared by Colleen and Evan! (Pancakes, fruit, hash browns and yogurt) Then we went to dewdrops and played with the babies! (Everyone had so much fun.) Chris was sad because Han was missing, while Rachel played with her favorite baby. We had lunch in the apartment (Mac and cheese) made by the chefs, Maddie and Rachel. That afternoon we didn’t do much; we packed for the overnight train and hung out in the apartment; reading, making string bracelets and listening to music. At around 3:45 we drove down to the train station, where people went to McDonald’s and Starbucks. We got on the train at around 6:00. Half of us were in one cabin, half of us in the other. The cabins were really small and cramped, but we still had a good time.