Location: Beijing

Today started at 4 am when everyone on the train was awoken by the screaming Chinese boys in the bunk below mine or the loudly snoring man who seemed to be shaking the train. We finally arrived back in Beijing two hours later and decided to spend the morning catching up on our lost sleep. Most of us took naps, got ice cream for breakfast, and spent the rest of our time playing cards together. After our rest, we all went to a restaurant across the street for a yummy lunch before heading to the hospital. At the hospital, we split up between the family kids and the Dew Drops kids and were surprised to see a few new children. One of these children, whom Bex and I played with, was named Huang Yue and was a tiny premature baby less than one-month-old. We also saw some familiar faces that we had missed on our weekend away, one of which is Yuan Ren, AKA the happiest baby to ever exist. He had left for surgery right before we left, so we were excited to see his happy face when we returned today. After service we headed to Yang Fang for dinner, where the chef was making dumplings in the kitchen – We even got to stuff and folded a few dumplings of our own! After chowing down on the delicious dumplings and catching up on laundry, we all headed back to the hotel to get a well-deserved good night’s sleep.

— Olivia

(p.s. hi mom and dad!)