Location: Ruam Namchai Children's Center, Bangkok

Today was our first day back with the Foundation. We were able to sleep in a bit longer. After a long ride to the children’s center, we were greeted by young children, some in traditional Thai wear. We were seated in a large room and watched a dance performance. We were also met at the school by Thai high school students that were closer to our ages. It was nice to interact with them as they used their English skills to communicate with us. Because of flood damage at the center, the walls needed a new paint job. They taught us how to paint, and we started our work. Although we are not professionals, it was clear that everyone at the center was delighted to see us try our best to repair their building. We painted an entire room and took a break for lunch. The kids were overjoyed to have a chance to bond with us. After lunch, we handed out toys, stickers, bubbles, and hair clips to all of the children. It was obvious to us all that all of the kids were grateful for the gifts. We continued playing with the kids after lunch. After a nice break, we returned working. However, this time we painted the exterior of the building while the inside dried and prepared for a second coat. After the second coat of paint was applied to the inside, we enjoyed playing games with the kids once more. Shortly after, it was time to leave the center for the day. When we returned to the hotel, we found out that we would have the opportunity to get pampered by a massage. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed that treat. After the relaxing massages, we went to dinner. At the restaurant, we were able to indulge in a bit of western food. The day came to a close with a forum on the topic of service, which is fitting for this trip. With another fun day behind us, everyone returned to their rooms to relax and catch up on sleep.