Location: Anegada

After enthusiastically jumping out of the blue lagoon [the couch in the salon] which is the most comfortable sleeping spot on the boat, I woke everyone up; except for Lydia who continued to sleep beside the constant pushing and offers of Kit-Kats. Once everyone was awake, we had breakfast and then clean-up underway. Everything went smoothly although we did have a few missed attempts with a stubborn mooring ball, but thanks to Riley’s insane mooring ball hooking skills we got it. After arriving on the docks of Virgin Gorda, we jumped in Syrel’s famous cab and took the steep ride up to Robinson O’Neil school. When we arrived the children were outside singing in the courtyard, a little girl in around first or second grade ran up and grabbed my hand pulling me into the mass of yellow and plum-purple uniforms. While standing in the mass, I noticed some of the kids whispering and smiling at the shiny black and white soccer ball I had in my hands. I could see their eyes light up with excitement when I nodded at them answering their unvocalized question that yes it was for them. After the short assembly we took the kids to the new playground in the back, the hot turf had little effect on them as they sprinted around climbing up the ladders and riding down the slides; as we took out some of our supplies such as balloons, bracelet making materials and coloring books their excitement continued to grow, soon everyone wanted a balloon sword or hat. At one point a little boy in the second grade came up to me and asked me for my advice on the best idea for a present for his girlfriend. Being at the school really showed differences between the two cultures and lifestyles ranging from all different aspects. After leaving the school we went back for some shore time then boarded Spindrift II, the sail was smooth, driving a sailboat is A LOT easier than driving a car. Arriving at Anegada was strange due to the fact that it’s totally flat, instead of the steep exhausting hills of the other islands. That night we all had some family bonding time on the trampoline. Our boat becomes closer as a “family” every day.