Location: Beijing

We started with a quick breakfast before heading off to Summer Palace. Upon arrival, we waved goodbye to Buddy, the driver before heading inside. We walked through the palace fairly quickly (with a lot of stairs), even passing a large mass of people singing and elders dancing in the middle. Chris and Olivia joined them for a couple of minutes, making us entertainment for China once again. Afterward, we got into two different groups for boats (myself, Chris, Mollie and Evan in one boat and Olivia, Maddie, Colleen, and Catherine were in the other). On our boat, we blared music the whole time, switching out peddling jobs every now and again. Our boat got back first, so we went and got ice cream before meeting back with the others and heading out to Pearl Market.

The first thing we did when we got to the Market was getting lunch. It was basically like North American Chinese food you would order for takeout. After inhaling our food, we headed off on our bargaining adventures. Some of the group started fairly shy, feeling guilty asking for lesser prices, and getting mad at me for owning at it 😉 But as soon as everyone got comfortable, we all quickly became masters of the fine sport. This meant the ride back to the apartment consisted of everyone bragging about their best bargains and showing off everything they got. Some people got stuff for themselves, some for parents and friends and yes I made sure to get stuff for my siblings and all that too (don’t worry mom, I’m not a bad sister).

Back at the apartment, we quickly dropped off our stuff, got changed and headed right back out to go to hot pot for dinner. Once escorted to our private room, we had food coming to us immediately. From there we went directly to karaoke, WHAT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!! The whole way to our private room (so many private rooms in China, like for everything), it was like a light show. We started as soon as we entered the room, beginning with “I love the way you lie.” There was a lot of enthusiasm from everyone throughout the whole time we were there which was great. Then we walked home, avoiding getting hit by crazy drivers. 

Once back, everyone chilled for a bit before getting ready for bed, and slowly heading off and doing so. Now we rest and prepare for another great day in China! (our last day before the overnight train, ahhHHHHH).


Over and out,