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Location: Manuel Antonio


Frantic wake up as Daniel and I forgot to wake the others up, and although we did not know we were the day leaders we take responsibility for it. The rest of the group was frustrated but could not keep it up as the excitement for our second beach day was starting to get to all of our heads. After a short bus ride to theManuelAntonio National Park, we hiked around tolook for many different animals around therain forest. Fortunately wesaw a few sloths and fightingraccoons. After thisbeautifulwalk, we got back on the bus and unexpectedlywent back to the hotel. The reason being we started a new community service project to raise money for Kids Saving The Rainforest. Although it did not last long we plowed through it and made it to the beach but that wasnot the last of surprises as instead of enjoying ourselves we picked up trash and passed out flyers for afund raise. We then enjoyed afew hours at the beach as some went banana boating. This ended our day of fun and work.