Location: Beijing

Today is the day we board the train for Baotou to go to the orphanage. The group is taking two kids from the hospital to take them back to the orphanage. We went to morning service at Dew Drops to play with kids before we left. Not only have the kids warmed up to us, but also have the people who work in the hospital and those that abide in it. Visiting the hospital has become more of a fun past time activity than doing community service. The children all of have their unique personalities that you can’t help but love. Various students have made strong bonds with some of the kids, and it’s heartbreaking to think that the trip is almost over. Each passing day hurts more than the last one, and we’re cherishing each one. After morning service, we went to the Summer Palace. The walk was long and a little brutal, but it was worth it in the end. The beautiful bridges, astonishing view, and the brilliant architecture were absolutely stunning and almost dream-like; not to mention the rich history behind it. It’s mind-blowing to think that multiple Chinese emperors visited here; a little place to come and visit during the summer. We walked around the entire area, and each step we took was an adventure and a new learning opportunity. After we walked around the palace, we headed to Dominos as a nice little dinner surprise. It felt weird eating western food again, but it was very nostalgic and delicious. We headed for the train station to meet up with two of the kids from the hospital to take them back to the orphanage. The train was very different from the one we took to go to Xi’an and back. It was very cramped, and we didn’t have ladders like we did last time to get to the middle and top bunks. Despite the lack of space, the train ride was very smooth, and the scenery was gorgeous. Overall, the day was pretty smooth, and there’ll be more information and exciting stories tomorrow.