Location: Santa Cruz, the Galapagos

Today we began our journey to the Galapagos at 5 am when we left our hotel in Quito, the Rancho San Carlos.  We caught a 7:30 am plane to Baltra Island and the entire flight we were full of anticipation and excitement. We couldn’t stop staring out the windows! After we landed, we made our way down south of the island.  On our way down, we observed the change from the dry land to the coastal green land. We all agreed, it was like nothing we’d ever seen before. After that, we made it to our hotel, Hotel Castro, and went into the town for a quality pizza lunch. Then we had our siesta, which we learned is the two hours in the afternoon when many Hispanic cultures rest after eating lunch. We were very grateful for that cultural difference! In the afternoon, we walked to the Darwin Center and saw enormous tortoises and iguanas.  The tortoises are the largest land tortoises in the world here, and the marine iguanas get salt out of their systems from being in the ocean by sneezing. Later, we went shopping in the town and met up again for dinner. Throughout the day, it was mentioned numerous times that we were surprised by how close we all were in just a matter of 3 days.  Tomorrow begins our first day of service, and everyone is already excited. 

  PS Hi Mommy, Daddy, and Dan! – Doria