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Location: Dharamsala

This morning as usual we had breakfast at Common Ground. At 10 oclock our partners came, and I personally got to go to Bagsu (a little side town of Dharmasala where many of us went to see the waterfall). I went there by rickshaw (a taxi with 3 wheels). We had lunch at Common Ground where we could order what we wanted. After lunch we headed for our last day at Tibetan Childrens Village. When we arrived it was raining very hard so we couldnt have our picnic outside. Instead we had it in the hall with the children from all three classes. We gave them biscuits, drinks, played games, and sang songs. After the picnic the kids gave presentations about what theyd learned. But each story comes to an end even if it is full of joy and love . It was really difficult to leave the children and there were a lot of emotions bonded with this goodbye, but we canalized our emotions in the quote: dont be sad that its over, but be happy that it happened.” After TCV we went to the monastery and talked about our experiences teaching the children. When this was over we had dinner at the monastery. At forum we talked about the issue of the beggars on the street.