Location: New Life Project, Kanchanaburi

Today was our first official day of service at the New Life Project. The excitement was evident as the entire group was all up and ready for the day before the scheduled meeting time. We were served an amazing breakfast filled with eggs, cereal, sausages, freshly baked bread and much more. The majority of us had seconds as it was so delicious. Our first activity of the day was going to the bakery, and together with some Thai girls, we made traditional Thai cakes. New skills were developed throughout the morning, I, for instance, learned how to open a can correctly. In between our baking and cake decorating sessions, we taught the girls how to play the game of Wink Murderer. The game was a huge success as the kitchen exploded with laughter as people “died” after receiving a fatal wink. Out of everyone, Tres probably deserves the award for the most dramatic deaths. English lessons followed, and we taught the kids how to sing Row Row Row Your Boat. Everyone loved it, and we even managed to arrange a canon with the kids. After lunch, we planted flowerbeds, and we were met with the task of deciding on a performance for the kids later in the day. The group struggled between classics such as the Cupid Shuffle and modern favorites, namely Frozen and High School Musical songs. Ultimately the group agreed on Cha Cha Slide, and our dance skills were put to the test. We also had an art and craft session making hair accessories and decorative nets. Despite the challenging process, the end products were stunning (we received a lot of help from the girls and the staff). Our much-anticipated performance was revealed after dinner, and the kids loved it. They joined us for a second round, and soon everything went into chaos, but the good kind. The night wrapped up with games arranged by the staff at the New Life Project, and we had so much fun playing them. All in all, the day was amazing and filled with so much joy and laughter at every given moment. The kids and us have already developed a strong bond in the past two days, and we cannot wait to see what more is to come!