Location: Cuzco

First of all, hi mom!! Today was our first full day in Cuzco, Peru! For breakfast, we had eggs, toast (which I ate tons of!), tea and this amazing passion fruit drink. Afterward, we went to Casa Mantay, a sanctuary for adolescent mothers that need support to get back on their feet. We all had a very humbling experience. We split into three groups, some played with the children and helped around in the kitchen, while the rest of us worked on clearing debris. The labor was hard, but it was very rewarding seeing everything we had accomplished that day. A few of us were in a building stacking bricks, and we had a gorgeous view of the mountains.

Around four in the afternoon, we all finished up our work and sat down with the director of Casa Mantay. She gave us some of the history of the house and what they do there, which was very interesting. Afterward, we got on our bus and took the half an hour trip back to the hostel which we are staying at. After recharging in our rooms for an hour, we all met in the lobby and ordered dinner. On our way to dinner, we got a chance to exchange some money.

We ate dinner at this cool restaurant where they gave you games like UNO or Bananagrams to play at the table. The food was great. I had some creamy chicken with rice, and for dessert, I had some really good ice cream. The walk back to the hostel was really difficult because it was all uphill on stairs, and at 11,000 feet, it’s pretty hard. The good thing is, I’ll be in killer shape when I get home. Right now I’m laying in bed with my roomies: Sophia, Louis and Avery B!! P.S. Mom you were right, I’m going to wear the same socks like six days in a row. Anyways that’s all! Adios por la Noche!!