Location: Cuzco

Author: Jaysha Location: Cuzco We all woke up to the chilly weather and made our way to breakfast that consisted of the normal coca tea, fresh juice, bread, cereal, eggs, etc. Today was a bitter-sweet day; it was our last day at Casa Mantay. The kids and adolescent mothers have been such an inspiration to us all. Working with the kids and helping the mothers have made us take a step back and appreciate what we have back home. Some of us planted, painted, played with the kids, helped cook in the kitchen and go to the market. Today was full of laughs and smiles; all the kids kept us busy with their constant games and jokes. Even though the language barrier can be hard at times, we all helped each other out. The mothers thanked us before we left (most of us girls were getting emotional) and we thanked them back. We all had our first public bus ride which was frightening yet fun. The driving here is a little sketchy, but the experience was fun. We had a buffet dinner to end the night, and we all get to go mountain biking tomorrow! 🙂