Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Today was such an amazing and busy day. We sailed back to an anchorage in Anegada to commence our day. We started with a great start; being on time for once!! We went to the Anegada-Rock Iguana Rehabilitation Center. We learned a lot of information there, especially that the Anegada Rock Iguanas (Cyclura Pinguis) biggest predators are wild cats. There we took out all the food and water containers from the cages and washed them with our hands. Yuck! It was really exciting because we put our hand into the cage that the Iguanas were in; they were a foot away! We fed them lettuce and carrots.

We then cut all the weeds and invasive trees that were covering the fence. We had to be really careful not to cut down the native tree of Anegada, Acacia Anegadences (common name: Poke Me Boy) because it is only found there. Kat, Laura, and I demolished a tree that was invading the fence. While cleaning, Victoria found a tarantula. Mikey, a super shy park ranger, answered a lot of our annoying questions; a request made by our staff. After cleaning up the center, I looked back and saw how much our cleaning job affected the Center; We all felt accomplished. After all that labor and hard work, we headed back to the boat for a 3-hour sail.

I was able to drive the boat for the first time and I really enjoyed it. It was super relaxing and I can’t imagine a better way to spend your summer. Once we arrived back to Spanish Town, we took a freshwater shower and it was so refreshing. The chefs made our summertime Thanksgiving Dinner; It replaced the one I missed this past Thanksgiving! Dinner was one of the funniest ones we have had so far. I laughed so hard; I cannot remember a time I have laughed more. With that, we ended our day with the question: What is something you like about yourself? It was awesome to hear everyone’s answer. With that, we ended day 10 planning for our school trip tomorrow.