Location: The Black Sheep Inn- Andes Mountains

We woke up this morning at nine o’clock for a nine thirty breakfast of yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, and cornflakes. There was a misty dew over the lawn of the hotel. We loaded the bus and took a drive up to the Andes Mountains. The bus ride was four and a half hours long with a quick stop in the mountains for snacks and a bathroom break. The bathroom had a tin roof, and we could hear the ‘ting ting’ sound as the rain came down. Next to the bathroom were little shops where some of the kids ordered sweet bread and chips. The rest of the road trip consisted of great mountain views and delicious sandwiches with Ecuadorian cheese and fresh cucumber.

We arrived at the Black Sheep Inn, and we were greeted with a steep hike up a gravel road to a quaint home-like hotel, The Black Sheep Inn, which is completely sustainable. The hotel has many great qualities like a yoga room and bedroom with lofts and wood-burning stoves to heat the small rooms. But, the best part of the hotel was the bathroom overlooking the valleys of the Andes. After a few hours of time to get acquainted with the lay of the land we were invited by our guide Skylar to join her in barre/Pilates/yoga class in the yoga room. After the intense workout, she led, the group dispersed for more downtime to shower and get ready for the amazing vegetarian dinner prepared by the lovely staff at the Black Sheep Inn. After the great dinner of stuffed eggplant, we had the rest of the night to ourselves. We used this time to bond and got to know each other better. The group is looking forward to the hike tomorrow on the Quilotoa volcano and visiting the market in the local town and the rest of the adventures throughout the trip.