Location: Dharamsala

Today started the same as it always does, walking up 300 flights of stairs for our breakfast at Common Ground. After eating pancakes and joking around for an hour, our language partners came to meet us, and we were off for the day. Rose, Christi and I took our language partners to a cafe as we discussed the differences between “in” and “at,” and how to use them in sentences. We then shopped for a little before lunch, and I got some precious stones to display in my room. After lunch, we headed over to the Tibetan Children’s Village to work with fourth graders. After conversing with them in small groups to improve their English, we played the usual games of duck duck goose and truth or dare. After saying goodbye to our little friends, we walked around town for the half hour we had before having to go back to Common Ground for dinner. I did some more shopping, as I still need to buy some gifts for my family. I’ve been having a hard time controlling myself here because I want to buy everything!

We ended our day on a relaxed note. After returning to the monastery, we all had a photo shoot in our pajamas. Luckily, Patrick let us go back to town to pick up some snacks, which we all enjoyed as we laid on the ground and watched the stars.