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Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started out the day today with a slow wake up and we were fortunately accompanied by 4 ActionQuesters right before we got under way. Breakfast was some delicious instant Oatmeal that we ate while motoring to Spanish Town. Once we arrived on land our very humorous and awesome taxi driver, Cyril, drove us to the Coppermines, an old mining house right on the water. We all enjoyed getting sprayed by the massive waves crashing against the rocks and spraying over us, but while we were not goofing off we picked up the trash that we could find. We then walked to a beach right under Morgan Freeman’s house, where we picked and collected trash along the whole beach and definitely made a difference. After working in the sun the whole morning, we walked back to the road and hopped in to the same taxi and drove to a secret destination which ended up being a miniature golf course and restaurant. We all were so eager for a cold drink that it was the perfect surprise for us. Lunch in Spanish Town was nice and relaxing after a long morning in the sun. Once we were all aboard, we motored back to Savanna Bay. There we dove right in to the ocean, even though we were all very scared of the jelly fish. Today was a interesting day and it was fun to spend time with the ActionQuesters and Cyril. Once again we are all drop dead exhausted and are looking forward to some fun activities tomorrow.