Location: Costa Rica

 Below is our anticipated schedule of activities. The group will have limited access to internet over the course of the program. While we understand families are eager for news, we ask for patience as our staffs energy is focused on the students and program. Please do not call our office regarding these blogs, as the office does not control the postings or the content of the updates. Thanks very much for your understanding!

June 25th: Fly day; Lifeworks orientationJune 26th: Intro and walking tour of La Carpio; Meet Juan SanchezJune 27th to 29th: Community service days at the FincaJune 30th: Cabecar Indigenous Reserve tour and serviceJuly 1st: Peje School service and rainforest tourJuly 2nd to 3rd: Whitewater rafting/ziplining excursionJuly 4th: Bunk-bed construction projectJuly 5th: La Carpio service day including trash pickup, painting, and mural projectsJuly 6th: La Carpio service day including school, library, and women’s workJuly 7th: La Carpio service day including street art/game festival; Library InaugurationJuly 8th: Play day including coffee plantation tour and night swimmingJuly 9th through 10th: Pacific coast excursion including beach time, wildlife watching, and surfing (optional)July 11th through 12th: Student choice projects/poverty reduction programJuly 13th: Volcano and hot springs visitJuly 14th: Horseback riding; Lifeworks closing programJuly 15th: Fly day