Location: Whitsunday Islands

We awoke to the sounds of music and the smell of breakfast. After cleaning up and securing the cabins and galley, we set sail for Whitsunday Island. Rumored to be one of the whitest beaches in the world, Whitehaven Beach was not a disappointment. After a short hike to the lookout at the highest point on the island, the group marched down to experience the beauty of the pristine white sand and clear blue waters. We photographed waves crashing against the rocks and proceeded to participate in a Zumba class led by our trustee leader and former Zumba instructor, Carolyn. The boys and girls then split up into teams for a dance-off. The boys were far superior to the girls, but we still beg to differ and have demanded a rematch. We came back to the boat and sailed to a secluded bay where half of the group went snorkeling. Sea turtles and sea urchins were observed, along with a multitude of colorful fish. After the usual chilling shower, we watched a marvelous sunset from the back of the boat. Our amazing crew cooked us lasagna and garlic bread, and then we sat on the bow and gazed at the stars. We will sleep tonight, excited for the day ahead.