Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning all the girls woke up on the most tranquil blue lagoon with the smell of blueberry muffins for breakfast. I was especially excited for the day because I was going to be the skipper! After a long night for the staff of unclogging the girl’s head (toilet), we all felt bad and wrote them a thank you card with a bunch of hilarious poop jokes. We all finished breakfast and sailed through some rough waters to go help out Virgin Island Search and Rescue with several miscellaneous things they needed help with to get ready for remodeling. Lydia, Rachel and I got lucky working in the air conditioning sorting out the inventory while everyone else had to carry out furniture in the hot sun. When it came to lunchtime, I was especially excited to see that we were having my favorite meal of Mac & Cheese and Pringles. After lunch, we split up into two different groups to monitor mangroves and replant them. Then the other group went to dig up dirt from the bottom of the entrance to VISAR to make sure it was deep enough for their boats to get through. All the girls and I went to monitor the mangroves first, which was a lot more specific than I expected, you have to write down their specific location, height, tag number and anything strange about them. All the mangroves were planted by earlier Lifeworks groups by taking PVC pipes and hammering them into the ground and filling the tube with soil and water to then plant the seed in the tube. After we took a survey of 30% of the mangroves in that section, our group went back to switch jobs and dig up soil. This job was surprisingly a blast. After a long day, we jumped in the cold water, and none of us minded that we were shoveling up mud.┬áMy group often got a little distracted though because we were surrounded by all our friends cracking jokes every second, this was the best part of my day. After we were done, we raced back to the boat hearing of some surprise the staff were mumbling about and found out that we were going on shore to take warm showers and get pizza for dinner!!! Everyone was in shock and grateful for the surprise. At the end of the night, all 16 of us had no problem scarfing down the six boxes of delicious pizza and Gatorade. Today was another amazing day in the BVI, and I love every second of it not wanting to leave this beautiful place.