Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we got up early as usual and sailed from Sandy Spit to Sea Cows Bay. The sunrise was beautiful this morning. Today was the first day in a very long time that I appreciated the beauty of my home, the British Virgin Islands; especially since I get to see it from the view of a visitor. When we got to Sea Cows Bay, Elliot, our captain, went to shore to pick up the kids from the Youth Empowerment Project, aka YEP, and we got to meet and socialize with them when they got to the boat. We then left in our new dinghy Scarface because someone else in the program took Shadow, our favorite dinghy that we loved with all our hearts. After we arrived on shore, we split up into four groups, each with two Yeppies and three Lifeworks students. We then proceeded to measure the height of the mangroves and also worked on planting new ones for the National Park Trust. It was nice to see all the kids from my home, and my crew-mates are socializing, laughing and having a good time with each other. When we were done planting the mangroves we said goodbye to the Yep kids and had lunch. Bonnie, Gwen, and David hooked everyone with some incredible grilled cheese sandwiches.

Bonnie took the orders, Gwen prepared the cold cuts and vegetables, and David grilled the sandwiches. After lunch, we set sail for Great Harbor Peter Island. I was the skipper of the day so I got to sail the boat to each of our destinations. When we got to Peter Island and anchored, we all gathered at the bow of our vessel and Elliot and Gwen taught us how to make Turks Head bracelets. Shortly after that, we picked roles to act out for an emergency drill for a non-profit organization called Virgin Islands Search and Rescue, aka VISAR. As the skipper of the day, I played the role of none other than the captain in the drill. Drew played a lady with an injured back and Justin played the role of a man with a broken arm and a cut on his leg. When the drill was over, they took us for a ride in their Super Dinghy with 550 horsepower. That thing cuts through the ocean like butter. We then went to the bow of the boat and had a question and answer session with the people from VISAR. After they left we showered and then had the best Mexican night ever. Everyone ate until their stomachs were filled. David and I started a sour cream food fight and everyone sang the Circle Life, In the Jungle and One Love. By the end of it, Elliot and Jacob were sick but we all enjoyed it. We then cleaned up and as I am writing this blog the sweet scent of brownies dances and plays with my nose. This is my favorite day on board the beautiful Catalinaville.