Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

After a tiring day of watersports yesterday we woke up nice and early today to motor over to Trellis Bay, Beef Island. After changing plans several times within half an hour, we received an hour of shore time. Matt, Jack and I took full advantage of this time and bought two cases of Dr. Pepper between us. After catching up with friends and family, we went over to the YEP Headquarters where we played basketball and dodge ball with the kids. After saying our goodbyes, we hopped back in the dinghy and headed back to the boats. After grabbing all the necessary tools, we took a quick hike over to monitor and plant some mangroves. Unfortunately, many of the 70 or so mangroves planted last year had been removed. That didn’t stop us from getting the job done. Finally, after an afternoon of hard work, we got to go to the beach and have a BBQ with the rest of ActionQuest. Some members of Rangitoto, Matt, Jack and I decided to find some coconuts and start breaking them. Once successfully opening them we began to drink and eat the contents of all four. Despite some minor scheduling changes, it was a pretty awesome day!