Location: La Finca

Today was a hot and sunny day at la Finca (the farm). All of the students were even more excited than normal, because this time, they were able to enjoy the experience with their cute little friends from La Carpio. As soon as we got there, we dropped our bags right outside the house and changed into our swimsuits. I don’t think the group realized how much energy the little ones had. For many of them, this was their first experience truly trying to swim. The group split up and paired up with each of the kids and began playing with them for about an hour with only a short snack break halfway through. Laura spent most of her time with a super cute and very shy girl that would not let her go. Zoe and Raquel took on the rowdy boys (Mauricio & Said) that wanted nothing but to splash and jump all over them. Lucia’s girl was a bit of a monkey and found great enjoyment in trying to climb all over her in the goofiest ways possible. Esti and Mia hung out on the side of the pool to stay dry, take pictures, and take part in the action in other ways. After the kids had their snack break and the group scarfed down some delicious lemon/chocolate cake, we moved on to eat our lunch before starting our next project. Pedro, the one in charge of the farm, took Evan and everyone else for a quick field trip to the “Home Depot” nearby where La Fundacion Humanitaria (our organization) was well known. We picked up a big gallon of red paint and a quart of green paint along with some brushes of different sizes and made our way back to La Finca. It was a cool experience because the tool shop had a TV in the background blaring an important soccer match in Spanish and at one point for a solid 20 seconds, all you could hear was GOOOOAAALLLL. When we came back, we started to paint the wooden railings around la Finca red. While some were painting the first red coat, the others planted a tray of starter seeds (tomatoes, cucumbers, celery etc.). Then we switched and Coleby, using his artistic eye, tried to convince his painting group to make their green vine design more random and natural. Last but not least, we switched again, and Emme & Lucy started up another tray for starting some seeds. After a quick half hour to catch up with friends and family back home, we are now we’re back at our homes, and we’re getting packed up for our trip to the west coast tomorrow morning!