Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today, our morning started at about 7:30 in Cane Garden Bay, where we had a quick breakfast of cereal coupled with a relaxed start to the day. After one of our staff members attended a meeting, students were given two hours for phone time on the boat, during which we had a brief sighting of dolphins and a turtle. Phones were collected, and students were taken to the shore. Some had lunch, went to the marketplace, went shopping, and/or got their hair braided with beads. While on shore, students were reunited with one of our quarantined students. After returning to the boat and a dip in the ocean, we motored to Jost van Dyke. In Jost, we had a lesson on sustainability and the three pillars: economic, social, and environmental sustainability. We took ocean showers, and then the staff got our orders for dinner and went on shore to get everyone’s meals. We had squeezed and appreciated an early night with minimal cleanup.