Location: Little Harbor, Peter Island

Today we sailed back to West End. Many of the girls got in a taxi and headed to the YEP (youth empowerment program) headquarters. Three girls (Fiona, Kaitlyn, and Camila) stayed back to help with mangroves. The cab ride was very beautiful and long. At YEP I hung out with the high school age group. We followed them around to all their activities. I made tissue paper art, made PowerPoint presentations, and played cards. It was really fun to watch the kids warm up to us. The school had very nice AC, what a treat! We got to see some of the kids from our beach clean up again; some of them remembered us which was really nice. After YEP we sailed to Little Harbor on Peter Island. We waited on our boat for VISAR (Virgin Island Search and Rescue) to come aboard our boat. We created an emergency situation so the VISAR volunteers could train, as if it was an actual emergency and react. Fiona lay at the bottom of the stairs pretending that she had a spinal injury. Kaitlyn swarmed them with a question about their actions to make the experience more realistic. They were very professional and were able to remove Fiona from her position and backboard her into their rescue boat and keep Kaitlynd somewhat under control. After the rescue Pauline, Erica, Sam, Jamie, Fiona, and I got to ride in their rescue boat. For dinner it was Mexican Night!!! All the shipmates have been looking forward to Mexican Night for awhile! We bro tanked it for dinner (we all wore large tank tops and backwards hats). We all got really into it and called each other bro all dinner. Elliot got really into it. My squeeze question was about what everyone will miss the most when back home. I said that I will miss relaxation and loss of stress while still accomplishing so much. Back home everything is rushed and I am stressed, and it causes me to be less productive. I hope I can keep my “island mentality” back home. Other shipmates answered that they would miss each other, seeing all the stars, seeing the ocean in the morning, the natural beauty, and being on a boat. I cannot believe how quickly this trip has gone by…. seriously didn’t I just get here?