Location: British Virgin Islands

Today was a bright and early day, but I got great sleep, so I was alright with it. We attempted to pick up an anchor but our secondary anchor was wrapped around our primary, and if it couldn’t get worse, we had to pull up the primary anchor by hand and had breakfast while we motored over to road town. We were briefed on what we were doing that day, so we headed over to VISAR, virgin island search, and rescue, where we helped them paint rooms and organize some supplies then we had to dredge or dig up some dirt that the rescue boat might hit on the way out of their garage. After we helped out there all day, we got a chance to buy some sweet merchandise; I got a sweet sun shirt that has their logo on it. We headed back to the boat, and we got to eat pizza for dinner and watched the sun go down in a yacht anchorage as we told stories and jokes that almost made our cheeks hurt. All in all, today was a great day with a fun ending.